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The ORCAT Program

ORCAT is Ocean Reef’s Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for cats. In the late 1980s, Ocean Reef had a serious cat overpopulation problem. There were approximately 2000 cats on our island’s four square miles. In 1993, Ocean Reef resident, Alan Litman, with the cooperation of the Ocean Reef Community Association, founded and launched ORCAT.

With funding and help from generous volunteers, the spay/neuter project developed into an extremely successful operation.

Today ORCAT is recognized as a model TNR program throughout the country. The ORCAT population is now around 350, about 100 of which reside at the Grayvik Animal Care Center.

Visiting the cats at the Center is a very popular activity for children and adults alike, with visits often leading to adoptions.

Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm

If you are interested in adopting an ORCAT, please call the Grayvik Center at 305-367-4701 or email to make an appointment with Susan Hershey.

ORCAT Pick Of The Week:


This week Romeo is ORCATs pick!  Romeo is true to his name, he is a total lover!  Romeo is very affectionate and will be one of the first to jump on your lap when you sit down.  Romeo is on the search for his perfect home.  Come by to meet Romeo.


Stevie is this week ORCAT pick! Stevie gets many requests to help find him.  He is nice and quite but loves to interact with our visitors.  You can usually find Stevie in a blue bin on one of our many Feline Snoozers.  Come in to give Stevie a good back massage.


This week Penelope is ORCATs pick! Penelope a.k.a. "Skunk Kitty" is spunky, playful, unique, energic kind of cat. She loves playing tag with the other cat in the yard.  Everyone loves the "Skunk Kitty", so come by to visit Penelope!



This week Marie is ORCATs pick of the week!  Marie is a older cat, who spends most of her time laying on the porch at ORCAT. Marie is gentel with kids, and is perfect for sitting on laps.  Come by ORCAT to give Marie some company.


Kendall is this weeks pick!  Kendall is a sweet, loving calico cat.  She is a bit of a couch potato, but will love you til the end of time.  Most cats aren't dont like their belly's rubbed, but Kendall will roll over for you to rub her belly!  Come on in to ORCAT to see Kendall!


This week Felix is ORCATs pick!  Felix is a beautiful tuxedo colored cat.  Felix is one for adventures, he loves to playing in the yard with is buddies, yet he is still likes to get pet!  Stop by to give Felix some attention.


Watch the videos below to learn more about ORCAT and the Grayvik Animal Care Center.