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Did you know the Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Rule is still in effect? It’s been a while - eight years actually - since the South Florida Water Management District implemented the rule so here are some reminders.

Following this irrigation schedule provides more benefits than just assisting with conserving our precious, and limited resource. By adhering to the odd and even address schedule we can also curtailing peak demands that cause low pressure issues at the far ends of the Ocean Reef distribution system.

While FKAA has projects in progress to resolve existing pressure issues, installation and implementation will take time. By following the irrigation schedule we can continue to conserve, as well as provide optimal flow and pressure throughout Ocean Reef until the improvements are complete.

If you are not sure about the timing of your irrigation system check on FKAA's "View My Meter" tool. Just enter your account number and meter number to view consumption in increments as small as every 15 minutes. If you need any assistance please call the FKAA Customer Service Department at (305) 296-2454.

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