Do you know who to call to report things that are amiss? Here is a little guide to some of the ORCA staff members who are here to help.

Rachel Conley is ORCA’s Community Services Coordinator.  Rconley@oceanreef.com or 305-367-3067.  Ideally all calls for issues or complaints should go through Rachel who can either answer the questions herself or get you to the appropriate staff member who specializes in that particular area. You may also wish to call the appropriate staff member directly.  They are listed below by department. 


Primary Numbers

Emergency:                                                    911

Public Safety Non-Emergency Calls:            305-367-2222

Animal Related Calls:                                    305-367-4701

All Other Calls:                                              305-367-3067


Specific Calls Handled by ORCA Staff Members


Accounting and Finance

     The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                         Number                    Email

      Question about fees or assessments:                   Shannon Kauth                       305-367-7326         Skauth@oceanreef.com

      Questions about an invoice:                                Gina Uresti                             305-367-7331         Guresti@oceanreef.com

      Request copy of ORCA budget:                         Kaska Connolly                      305-367-7358         Kconnolly@oceanreef.com



Public Safety

     The Problem or Question                                      Staff Member                         Number                     Email

     Emergency:                                                                                                              911

     Requesting a special clearance at the Front Gate: Tim James                                 305-367-2222         Tjames@oceanreef.com

     Hurricane preparation questions:                          Tim James                                 305-367-2222         Tjames@oceanreef.com

     Request an incident report:                                   Tim James                                 305-367-2222         Tjames@oceanreef.com

     Question about a parking or speeding violation:  Tim James                                 305-367-2222         Tjames@oceanreef.com

     Gate access problems:                                           Kirk Salvatori                           305-367-2222         Ksalvatori@oceanreef.com

     All golf cart inquiries:                                           Welcome Center Staff              305-367-4418         Welcomecenter@oceanreef.com          

     A noisy neighbor:                                                  Watch Commander                  305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Report something suspicious:                               Watch Commander                  305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Obstruction in waterway:                                      Watch Commander                  305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Construction parking in the street:                        Watch Commander                  305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Report unsafe driver:                                             Watch Commander                 305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Who is authorized to enter my home?:                 Communications Officer         305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Prescription delivery program:                             Communications Officer         305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Found a lost dog-after hours:                                Communications Officer        305-367-3067         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Notify someone that my golf cart broke down:    Communications Officer        305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Dead animal in road:                                             Communications Officer        305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

     Inspect my smoke alarms:                                    Ed Smith                                 305-367-2222         Esmith@oceanreef.com

     Poor appearance or noise at construction site:     Eddie Fernandez                     305-367-2222         Hfernandez@oceanreef.com

     Clear a guest at the Gate (automated line):                                                          305-367-2263

     Clear a guest at the Gate (human officer):           Front Gate Staff                      305-367-4992         Frontgate@oceanreef.com

     CPR/AED training classes:                                  Neal King                               305-367-2222         Nking@oceanreef.com

     When is Customs LBO registration                     Nicole Molnar                        305-367-3067         Nmolnar@oceanreef.com



Public Works

     The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                               Number                 Email

      Emergency:                                                                                                                911

     Problem with signs or markers in waterway:      Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Landscaping blocking an intersection:                Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      A broken Sign:                                                    Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Street light not working:                                     Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Pot hole problem:                                               Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Drainage problem:                                              Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Litter or debris in roadway or right of way:       Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Spillage which stains the street:                         Lesli Wojtecki                              305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Construction permitting question:                     Jeff Oeltjen                                   305-367-3067         Joeltjen@oceanreef.com

      Report a waterline break:                                  Jeff Oeltjen                                   305-522-1705         Joeltjen@oceanreef.com

      Questions about sewer lateral inspections:       Jeff Oeltjen                                   305-367-3067         Joeltjen@oceanreef.com

      Report a waterline break after hours:                Communications Officer             305-367-2222         Dispatch@oceanreef.com

      Mailbox damage:                                               Rachel Conley                             305-367-3067         Rconley@oceanreef.com

North Key Largo Utility- NKLUC

      The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                         Number                     Email

      Odor from a lift station                                        Bob Orr                                  305-367-0011         Borr@oceanreef.com

      Signal light indicator flashing on lift station:     Bob Orr                                   305-367-0011         Borr@oceanreef.com

      Sewage backup into home:                                  Bob Orr                                  305-367-0011         Borr@oceanreef.com


Animal Services, ORCAT

     The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                            Number                   Email

      All actual emergencies- 24 hours                        Miami Veterinary Specialist     305-665-2820         MVS@msvhospital.com

      Report a sick or injured animal                           ORCAT Staff                            305-367-4701         ORCAT@oceanreef.com

      Schedule a Veterinary appointment                     ORCAT Staff                           305-367-4701         ORCAT@oceanreef.com

      We want to visit the cats:                                     ORCAT Staff                           305-367-4701         ORCAT@oceanreef.com

      Found a lost dog-normal business hours             ORCAT Staff                            305-367-4701         ORCAT@oceanreef.com

      Grooming appointment with Debbie Santos       Debbie Santos                           305-451-2123         

      Grooming appointment with Keila Palmer         Keila Palmer                             305-733-4352         Keila_keilacanals@hotmail.com

      How do I make a donation?:                                Susan Hershey                         305-367-4701         Shershey@oceanreef.com


Dog Park

      The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                         Number                     Email

      Issue with grass or landscaping:                          Lesli Wojtecki                         305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Mosquito spray not working:                               Lesli Wojtecki                        305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Any other maintenance problem:                         Lesli Wojtecki                        305-367-3067         Lwojtecki@oceanreef.com

      Water bowl/water jug empty:                               Kelly Atwill                           305-367-3067         Katwill@oceanreef.com

      No blank Club chits to fill out for donation box:  Kelly Atwill                          305-367-3067         Katwill@oceanreef.com

      Report an aggressive dog:                                    Greg Lunsford                       305-367-3067         Glunsford@oceanreef.com

      How do I make a donation:                                  Greg Lunsford                       305-367-3067         Glunsford@oceanreef.com



ORCA Office (other questions)

      The Problem or Question                                     Staff Member                         Number                     Email

      Change my contact information                          Kelly or Simona                     305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Confirm work hours:                                            Kelly or Simona                    305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Confirm delivery hours:                                       Kelly or Simona                    305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Register my golf cart:                                          Kelly or Simona                     305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Get Copy of By-Laws1:                                       Kelly or Simona                     305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Get copy of Architectural Rules2:                        Kelly or Simona                    305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Get an ORCA Telephone Directory:                    Kelly or Simona                    305-367-3067         ORCA@oceanreef.com

      Mosquitos are bad!                                               Mosquito Control                  305-453-1290         Questions@keysmosquito.org

      PAC voting recommendations:                            David Ritz                             305-367-3067         Dritz@oceanreef.com

      Comcast Issue:                                                     Rachel Conley                       305-367-3067         Rconley@oceanreef.com