By Greg Lunsford


There is a gentleness to Ocean Reef - you cannot miss it. People here love family, two and four legged - feathers, too. We treasure our pets in our homes and we adopt them in our hearts in the seconds of encounter. I like BB, a feral cat in the Fishing Village. You might have a favorite as well.

Members of Ocean Reef stand by our tradition of loving our pets and carry on the earlier work of people like Alan Litman. He decided in the late 1980's to enlist the Ocean Reef Community Association in his one-man effort to humanely reduce the feral cat population that at the time numbered in the thousands. Three Vet Tech/trappers were hired, a veterinarian was brought in weekly to care for and spay and neuter the cats, and the Club donated a building near the sewer plant to house the operation. From those humble beginnings, it has become one of the most successful Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) programs in the world. Today, we have veterinary services and specialists attending to all of our pets because we decided as a community to manage our feral family of felines.

Whether you love cats or not, you can help. Have fun at the Cat Walk February 12 - this raises a large portion of the operating revenue to support our pets. You can help any time of the year by donating your pennies and dollars, visiting the kitties, visiting the website to find the list of items needed such as sleeping towers, blankets, sheets and carriers to take care of our furry friends.


By now, you should have received your invitation to the Cat Walk. Yes, this is on a Friday this year (February 12). It is for the kitties, but also for you to have fun beginning at 9 AM - Saks Fifth Avenue shopping (they donate 5 % of proceeds to ORCAT/Grayvik), enjoy your fellow members "Strutting their Mutts" on the runway, feast with friends and watch those lythe models with the latest fashion.

If you have not received your invitation, please contact Kelly Atwill 305 367 3067. Join us for the fun! And please support our pets all year with your donations to the 501(c)(3) called ORCAT.