Arriving to Ocean Reef this morning, it was great to see that only a few small trees tipped over and some branches were scattered along the sidewalks and road. Since our landscapers began cleaning the streets at 6:00am this morning, they already look much better.

We are still reviewing everything, but once again we are reassured that the National Weather Service is getting better and better at their predictions. The storm followed the path (Cone of Uncertainty) from five days onward. The five day forecast gave us a 50-50 chance of having 30 mph winds. As it got closer, the three day forecast gave us a 60% chance of 40 mph winds. (40% chance of less than that, which is what happened). Since we were outside of the Cone for the week prior to the storm we felt pretty comfortable we would not receive a direct hit.

Current reports show the possibility of the storm system looping back around toward us at the end of next week. Hopefully it will be weakened by then, but we shall wait and see.

We are very grateful that Hurricane Mathew missed the Florida Keys. Our hearts are with those who have already been affected by Hurricane Matthew and we hope everyone along Florida’s coast is staying safe amidst this devastating storm.