Security Reminders from Your Public Safety Department

The Ocean Reef Community has been synonymous with safety and security.  While your community is still safe, and security is always working, the Pubic Safety Department would like to reaffirm our thoughts to you about how to we can work together to ensure everyone’s security.

We encourage the locking of doors; on your house, your car and your boat.  Locks are a simple yet effective way to eliminate crimes of opportunity.  Based on the historical data available, the majority of crimes at Ocean Reef occur through unlocked doors by opportunists.  The criminal here takes advantage of lapses in little details – a door ajar or unlocked, a cellular phone on a car seat or a golf cart with the keys still in it.

Your Public Safety Department is working to maintain your lifestyle, but we ask for your help.  Thesis papers and books have been written about the “broken windows” philosophy, that being if a window is broken on a building and left unrepaired, it is easier for additional windows to get broken, since the owner of the property does not care enough to fix them.  If the owner fixes the window immediately, then no one sees the broken window and no one feels entitled to break one.  Cities have experienced the same effect with graffiti.  Eliminate it immediately and the kids go somewhere else where their art can be appreciated.  This applies at Ocean Reef to the extent that in the summer when so many homes are vacant, if they are locked, then the crime of opportunity is diminished.  Once a thief finds unlocked doors, they may feel the need to continue checking other doors for more opportunities.

Enough about locks – Please use them…