This is a reminder that the State of Florida Tornado Drill was moved to today, Feb. 26, 2016, for 10:10 AM EST.


This change was confirmed last week after the Florida Division of Emergency Management's State Emergency Response Team had a major conflict with a FEMA-observed  radiological power plant drill scheduled for Wednesday this week. In addition, actual severe weather affecting Florida's northern and central peninsula on Wednesday would have postponed any drill as well.  


The tornado drill allows government, businesses, and the public to practice the actions they would take in an action tornado warning, including moving to a lower floor interior room or hallway away from any windows and doors, and generally getting as many walls as possible between you and the outside.  


The test tornado warning will be issued as a National Weather Service Public Information Statement at 10:10 AM EST, and alerted through NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards as a weekly test message.  Many NOAA Weather Radio receivers may briefly flash rather than sound an alarm for such test messages.  In any case, you and your facilities may conduct the drill near that time if a NOAA Weather Radio is not used.


The NWS will end the drill promptly at 10:30 am EST.