It is important for all residents to obtain their “resident re-entry vehicle decal” in order to be allowed back into the county after an emergency event.

                There are three (3) types of decals:

•             Yellow – Upper Keys residents

•             Blue – Middle Keys residents

•             Red – Lower Keys residents

                Decals may be obtained at any DMV or Monroe County Sheriff’s Office sub-station locations. In order to obtain the vehicle re-entry decal, proof of residency is required (deed, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.).



                The Homestead Racetrack has been designated as the staging area for returning residents. All vehicles traveling on the Florida Turnpike will be directed, by the Law Enforcement, to that site by exiting at Exit 6 and will be staged according to their re-entry decal (yellow, blue, red). It is recommended that all residents call the Monroe County Emergency Information Hotline at 800 955-5504 for the county readiness to accept them back.

                If the roads are clear of debris and it is determined that it is safe to travel on US 1, all vehicles will be allowed in without having to be pre-staged at the racetrack. However, if the roads are not clear, or parts of US1 are flooded, no one will be allowed back in. It is not advisable to head back without calling the information hotline, as the staging area provides minimal services/comfort. The American Red Cross will provide water, and there will be portal-potties available, but, other than that, no other services will be provided.

                Returning vehicles will be able to return based on their residential conditions – i.e., if the Upper Keys are not affected and it is deemed for all to come back, anyone displaying the designated Upper Keys vehicle decal (yellow), will be directed, by the Law Enforcement, to re-enter. Others (blue and red decals) may be held back until those areas are clear for re-entry. The Law Enforcement personnel at those locations (Exit 6, Homestead Racetrack, Florida City and Homestead) will be in close communications with the County Operations Center Incident Command and ESF 13 at the EOC to ensure an orderly and safe return of all is coordinated properly.


Residents may obtain information relative to Monroe County situation by calling the Emergency Information line (800-955-5504) or the State Information Line (800-342-3557).