Public Safety History

Although there is very little written history, the elements of today’s Public Safety began in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Morris Baker organized a security force sometime in the late 1950’s and in the late 1960’s the Ocean Reef Fire Department employed one fulltime firefighter who also drove the ambulance.  Most of the volunteer firefighters were made

 up of staff volunteers from the Security Department, Ocean Reef Club and employees of Perdue Dean Marine. 


In the event of a fire, an air raid siren mounted on the roof of Staff Housing would be sounded.  The volunteers would meet at the entrance of Staff Housing and the Fire truck would pick them up.


As the community grew so did the two departments. The first firehouse was built with great support of James and Eillen Dicke and others. It held three fired trucks: a 1932 Mack open cab and a 1946 International both with the capacity to hold 250 gallons of water.  And  a 1975 American La France with a 50 foot Telesquirt which held 500 gallons of water.


In 1986 the two departments became unified and was identified as Public Safety.  Since then Public Safety has grown and in 2003 they moved into their new state of the art building on Anchor Drive.  Public safety today is responsible for Front Gate operations including the Welcome Center; all 911 calls and dispatching of officers, ambulance and fire trucks; monitoring Turkey Point Alarms; monitoring waterway security via both cameras and patrol boats; registration of Vehicles, golf carts, and pets for the Pet Registration program; and run the popular Golf cart testing and licensing for our 12 year old members.