The main topic of ORCA’s Annual Meeting was Dewey’s update on the internet improvement project. A dedicated team of members from Ocean Reef and ORCA have researched high-speed internet options for several years. The major stumbling block was the massive, intrusive, community-wide dig to replace our obsolete and unreliable coaxial cable. Now a new technology (demonstrated at the last Town Hall) has made progress realistic, with minimum disruption. The old coax will be pressed out of its sheath and replaced with fiber optics, without digging it up. ORCA can now pursue its goal of upgrading the infrastructure, minimize cost by a volume purchase, and retain choice for television and phone service.


ORCA has negotiated a bulk purchase from Comcast…

While Comcast has the dominant customer base in Ocean Reef, it has also has generated service complaints, the majority of which are from problems contacting Comcast. ORCA has responded with Rachel Conley, our in-house pit-bull problem solver. With the new contract, Comcast will also provide an on-site technician and a dedicated account manager for Ocean Reef. Internet speeds will leap to 150 Mb download and 20 Mb upload, with a price below our current slow service. The cost will be included in your ORCA assessment. A discounted premium television package (service for four TVs and whole house DVR, 270 channels) will also be available through the ORCA/Comcast bulk program, at the homeowner’s discretion. Additional TV options (premium channels, extra TV set top boxes, telephone service) will also be the choice of each resident, but will be arranged with Comcast directly.


Dewey outlined the steps underway: 1. Fiber will be installed this now through the summer, and a plan; 2. The final link to each home installed beginning of June (this may require some local trenching); and 3. Fall, in-home installation and set-up (both #2 & #3 will require access to your residence). Dewey recognizes this is an ambitious project almost certain to encounter complications, but as often with ORCA efforts, it will be a significant enhancement to community value,” Dewey said.