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Salt Marsh 

The Salt Marsh Mosquito is our most common mosquito in the Florida Keys, outside of Key West, with Aedes aegypti being the most common in Key West. The Salt Marsh Mosquito is known as a nuisance mosquito creating havoc on outdoor activities during dawn and dusk, particularly in the Upper Keys. The Salt Marsh Mosquito is a migrating mosquito that is often seen moving into the Florida Keys from the Everglades during “blow-ins”, looking like clouds on doppler radar.

Larval are found in fresh and brackish water pools near salt marshes. The adults are fierce biters and strong fliers; they are controlled by aerial adulticiding and larviciding.

Mosquito Breeding

As many of you out there know, mosquitoes must have water and breed in just about anything from bromeliads to soda tops.

Although the likelihood of contracting a mosquito-borne disease is minimal, we like to offer some tips to be beneficial for you and your neighborhood.

  • Check and Empty
    • Children’s toys
    • Untreated swimming pools
    • Uncovered boats/watercrafts that are not draining water
    • Plant trivets
    • Trash cans and lids
  • Change water in birdbaths and flush bromeliads once or twice a week
  • Keep yard debris out of the storm drains by properly bagging and removing it where it will not become a food source or breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Repair screens on windows and doors
  • Keep gutters clear so they will drain properly
  • We encourage natural mosquito control by furnishing gambusia fish for your ponds
  • Avoid the outdoors and dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active
  • Apply insect repellent
  • Keep yourself updated on current mosquito vectored diseases in your area
  • If you cannot remove the standing water, Call Mosquito Control and we can come out and treat it for you. 305-292-7190.