Marina Drive Improvements

ORCA is improving Marina Drive and the cart paths in that area.

One lane has been completed on Marina Drive from the water garden to Ocean Reef Drive including the Fishing Village. The Marina Drive cart path has been repaved and is open for use in both directions. Temporary striping will take place the week of July 28 to be completed by August 1. Beginning Tuesday, July 29th, one lane of Marina Drive will be repaved which will necessitate one lane being closed. Work expected to be completed by Wednesday, July 30.


A portion of Ocean Reef Drive from the bridge to Island Drive will also be repaved beginning Wednesday, July 30.

The above schedule is contingent upon weather.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the improvements will be worth it!

Safety Tips for PedestriansBe Safe and Be Seen: Make yourself visible to drivers
  • Wear bright/light colored clothing and reflective materials.
  • Carry a flashlight when walking at night.
  • Cross the street in a well-lit area at night.
  • Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars, or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see you.
Walk Facing Traffic:

If there is no sidewalk and you must walk on the side of the road, choose the side where you are facing oncoming traffic.
Stay Aware of Bikes and Runners:

Share the road and path with bikes and runners. Bike riders should alert you when approaching from behind with a bike bell or a "passing on the left/right." Listen for them, and move to walk single file, allowing them to pass safely. Runners should also call out for passing.

Hang Up and Walk:

Chatting on a cell phone while you walk is as dangerous as chatting while driving. You are distracted and not as aware of your environment. You are less likely to recognize traffic danger, passing joggers and bikers or tripping hazards.