Pesky Questions


Sometimes ORCA has no easy answers


by Joan Birsh


Iguanas and the Whitefly

Has the Iguana population increased at Ocean Reef? If you hang out too long on the 5th hole of the Dolphin Course, you might have reason to think so. But Greg Lunsford, our Ocean Reef Community Association’s VP, assures us the number has not changed. Surprisingly some residents enjoy having these grotesque but harmless (except to your flowers) creatures in their yards. However, If you are not one of the pro-iguana crowd, call your Pest Control Company or the ORCA office and they will arrange removal by a Pest Control agent ….As for the whiteflies, they have no advocates. There are two kinds. The Ficus Whitefly is the bad guy, that can cause real damage to your plants and especially to your hedges. The Rugose Spiraling Whiteflyattacks trees and though it is not likely to kill them, its droppings of a sooty mold and waxy insect coatings make a huge sticky mess. On the advice of Horticultural Consultant Lisa Hammer, ORCA has initiated a program to control whiteflies through periodic trunk injections and/or root drenches for all the gumbo limbo trees and coconut palms in the Reef’s public areas. If you are having a Whitefly problem in your yard, you might want to follow a similar tactic.