KEYS TOURISM ADVISORY#10     Oct. 6, 2016 • 10 a.m.

All Matthew Warnings, Watches Discontinued for Keys;
No Significant Impacts Reported

    There are no tropical storm/hurricane watches or warnings for any location in the Keys and Florida Bay. Warnings have also been discontinued for the Everglades National Park region, Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

    A small craft advisory is in effect for waters off the Upper and Middle Keys. Small craft operators should remain in port until winds and seas subside.

    There are no reported significant impacts to the Keys as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Reports are that the basic infrastructure is operating normally.

    The Florida Keys Overseas Highway is open without encumbrances. The Snake Creek drawbridge has resumed normal operations with scheduled openings for high-profile boats.

    Both Keys airports are open, but expect airline delays or cancellations due to airports on parts of the Florida mainland. Call airlines to confirm flights.

   State Parks in the Keys are reopening Friday, but some will only be available for day use until Saturday when they will be available for campers and R/V vehicles.

    No information is available on the exact reopening of Everglades National Park, but it is expected to resume operations Saturday, according to a National Park Service park ranger.

    There has been much social media discussion about the long-range forecast of Matthew and the official track does show a right turn with the storm heading back to the Bahamas and possibly  Florida.

     But Jon Rizzo, the warning coordinator for the Florida Keys National Weather Service office said Friday that if Matthew does follow that course it will be a very different weather system.

    “It will be a much weaker system then what we have seen with Hurricane Matthew during the past few days,” Rizzo said. “Forecast track errors at 4 and 5 days are normally large.

    “There is even more uncertainty with this forecast than normal,” Rizzo said.

     This is to be the final advisory for Matthew, unless it threatens South Florida or the Keys next week.