Golf Cart Safety Reminder

Ocean Reef is a very unique community that utilizes the golf cart as a primary method of transportation. The use of golf carts is ecologically pleasing as well as fun, but particularly during the holidays, we would like to reinforce some of the rules and regulations of golf cart use.

All private carts should be registered through Public Safety. The red decals are for carts that exceed 18mph which should be driven on the roadway and blue decals are for slower carts which should remain on the golf cart paths when possible.

Operators must be at least 12 years of age and licensed either through Ocean Reef Public Safe­ty or posses a valid state driver license.

To operate a golf cart at night, the golf cart must have working headlights and taillights. Flash­lights do not count. Children are not permitted to drive at night.

Children should not be carried in the laps of adults – they must not be in the lap of the driver. The requirements of the driver are such that adding a child to the lap is not safe for either the child or the driver. Additionally, the steering wheel can cause sig­nificant injury to the child if the driver must stop suddenly.

Left turns cause the greatest number of injuries, since the pas­senger is often not expecting the turn and has no ability to pre­pare. Likewise, rear passengers can be ejected on starts, unless they are given a warning that the cart is starting or turning.

Drive the golf cart as you would a motor vehicle, do not assume right of way – rather obey all rules of the road.

If you should have any ques­tions or concerns, please call Public Safety at 367-2222 or 367-HELP(4357).