Front Gate:  Do You Know who You Are Clearing?

One of the privileges you have as an ORCA member is clearing both guests and contractors through the Front Gate.  Most of the time homeowners use contractors who have been through Public Safety’s background process.  This means that the contractor has met the following background criteria:

       Liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars. 

       State License, State Registration, Monroe County Certificate of Competency in your specific career field. 

       County Occupational License for your business.  (Note:  If your business is state registered; you must provide a Monroe County Occupational License).

       Proof of workers’ compensation on your insurance form, in accordance with state law.

       Proof of registration and insurance for all company vehicles.

       Successful completion of background check for each employee working at Ocean Reef including fingerprinting, photographing and criminal background check.

At the end of this process, the employees receive a photo ID and can come and go through the gate during normal work hours. On occasion a homeowner may want to use a company that has not been cleared by Public Safety.  When this occurs, it is important to realize the assumed risk.  When a homeowner clears a

company, the homeowner takes ultimate responsibility and is liable for the actions of that company and their employees while at Ocean Reef. This is true even when they leave your workplace. Please keep in mind that Public Safety does not complete a background check on your guests or anyone else you clear through the gate. The ORCA Telephone Directory is a good resource for choosing contractors since only approved companies may be listed.  The Chamber of Commerce would like to remind you that its members and employees have all gone through the ORCA processPlease help protect yourself and your neighbors by using those companies who have passed Public Safety’s background process.