Card Sound Toll Survey


Monroe County and its consultant, HDR Engineering, Inc. have undertaken a feasibility study to convert the manually operated toll at Card Sound Road to an all-electronic tolling system (Sunpass/Toll By Plate). The electronic system will increase safety and

convenience while reducing noise levels, auto emissions and fuel consumption. As part of the study the County and HDR will conduct a combined origin-destination and customer preference survey of the patrons of the Card Sound Roadway System to collect 

information on their trip purpose and travel path. All customers who pass through the toll plaza between December 7, 2015 and December 13, 2015 will receive a postcard containing the simple 9-question survey, a link to the online survey and a scannable QRC

code. Customers receiving the postcards can complete it and place it in a drop-box at the tolling facility.

Customers may also complete the survey online from December 7th until December 18th


We appreciate your assistance and look forward to your input!