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Hurricane Irma impacted Ocean Reef Club starting late Saturday night and continued through most of the day Sunday. Monday we awoke to a different scene and we are now just starting day three of our recovery process. Our Insurance company will be arriving today. One of the services they provide is disaster recovery assistance and they will be assessing the Club working with our senior Management team on site to determine what support they can provide to aid in the recovery process. For our Morning updates we will begin providing a brief summary of our progress in key areas that are critical to our down line operations. Know that our primary objectives are to first put the Club and Community in a position to make it comfortable and safe for our Equity Members to return to their homes or examine their property. Following that accomplishment we will begin to travel the longer path in assessment and planning for reparations to the Club’s assets. That in turn will enable us to begin our preparations for the coming season. More on the coming season in this afternoon’s update.  

Here is the current status for each of these key elements



We do not have Electricity in the Club or Community other than individual generators.  Hopeful will have some power to Ocean Reef by the end of the weekend.  Individual neighborhoods will likely  vary considerably.  There is no air conditioning. Crews are in the Keys working on the Electricity now.



None. Hopefully water will be restored by the end of the week. There is a crew assigned to Ocean Reef water access and they are working on correcting a number of leaks in the pipe leading to the Club. Once that is completed water should be instantly available.



Limited food service for emergency, recovery and essential staff personnel only. We will be able to receive food deliveries by the end of this week but the challenge is we have no refrigerated option to store the food. We are working on accessing refrigerated trucks to hold us over until the power is back up.


Waste Water Treat

Not operating. Hope to have it restored by the end of the week. There are no working toilets.


Debris Removal

** All roads now are passable. But most remain single lane, with traffic totally blocked at times by debris removal.  There are several broken power poles restricting traffic.


Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Limited supply, restricted to emergency and recovery vehicles and essential personnel.



Intermittent voice and data from AT&T and Verizon



None. Unable at this time to estimate when it might be restored.


Front Gate

Open, entry at this time is available for Monroe County Residents.


Access to 905 and Card Sound Road

Open to residents and those with an ORCA gate pass.


Restaurants and Hotel

Closed. No estimate at this time as to when they will reopen.



Open, but no fuel, water or electrical services available.



Open as of this morning but no fuel,  or services available. Parking is very limited. 

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