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Fiber to Home Status Update

Below is an overview of the Fiber to Home (F2H) project’s status and actions you should take as a homeowner:

Green Pedestals

We have 700 green pedestals throughout the community that are the connecting points for the Fiber network.

These pedestals are typically located in the corners of yards and condo grounds. We have provided maps of pedestal locations to BrightView and ORC Solid Waste in order to help them avoid destroying these pedestals during debris cleanup. 

If you have hired an independent vendor to pick up your debris, please note whether or not your debris pile is located near a pedestal. Should your pedestal be damaged during your vendor's debris removal process, you are at risk of losing your internet, phone and TV services. 

This is an issue that is not only expensive but will often disrupt service to you and your entire neighborhood for weeks! Please make it your responsibility or that of your caretaker's responsibility to protect these valuable assets.


This new system is operated by fiber cables that run through the streets and connect to your homes, condo buildings or docks.

The majority of Ocean Reef residences have Comcast Internet, TV and phone services through the fiber optic system. If you live in one of the four areas listed below, and are not currently receiving Comcast services, you will be connected to the fiber network over the next month. If we need to gain access to your residence to complete installation, you or the person designated as your caretaker will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

If you do not have service and have not been contacted by Tuesday, October 24th, please visit the Xfinity Office located in the Plaza building, Suite B205, to set up an appointment or to check on the status of the fiber in your street.

During Hurricane Irma, some areas of Ocean Reef experienced loss of connectivity to the OLD Comcast infrastructure.

Details on the status of Comcast service restoration for areas that are not currently connected to Comcast services are below:

Area #1:

Bay Ridge Road, Card Sound Road, Country Club Road, Golf Terrace, Grayvik Drive, Halfway Road, Harbor Lane, Knoll Lane, Ocean Reef Drive, Perky Road, Sail Point Lane, South Road and Spray Road

We are currently connecting homes to the new fiber system’s Opital Network Units (ONU); these are the gray boxes found attached to the side of homes. In many cases we will need access to the inside of the home (usually garage) to connect the fiber and power on the ONU.  We estimate to be finished with this area by October 15th.

Area #2 & #3:

Anchor Drive, Island Drive, Channel Cay Road, Andros Road, Carysfort Road, Diana Road, Exuma Road and Exuma Terrace 

We have started making appointments and connecting ONU's. We estimate to be finished with this area between October 15thand November 1st.

Area #4: 


Docks will have their fiber connected in 2-3 weeks and will receive an email notice letting them know when they should call the 1-800-Xfinity number to schedule their installation appointments.

Marina WiFi tower engineering plans are being finalized with an anticipated installation completion date of December 1st.


Marina Village and Employee Housing are still connected and operating on the “old” Comcast system. They will be connected to the fiber network after November 1st.

Customer Service and new Installations

In order for XFINITY to help you in the most efficient way possible, it is necessary for you to add information into your Comcast account profile.

To do this we suggest that you call 1-800 -Xfinity (800-934-6489) and ask them to add all of your contact numbers to your profile.  By updating your account profile to include all of your contact numbers, the customer service system will automatically recognize your call in number and connect you to our special, local Florida customer service group whenever you call.

We further suggest that you add your housekeeper, caretaker, etc. as an "authorized user.” This will allow your authorized users to communicate with customer representatives in regards to your account, to include: scheduling appointments, virtual system screening for problems, billing questions, and adding/removing services.

The XFINITY company policy does not allow them to give any account access or information to someone who is not an authorized user.

In order to add a person as an authorized user, please call 1-800-Xfinity from the phone number that is registered under your account. When you speak to a representative please tell them that you would like to add an authorized user to the account. You can perform many of these functions by visiting

Our local office is currently open at the Plaza building, Suite B205. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Note: We will be inviting caretakers to an informational meeting at Carysfort Hall on October 25th. A meeting for Residents will be scheduled for December 5th.

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